Letter from Daryl

Hi! You're here! Thank goodness.
You may have seen Daryl recently on 2 Broke Girls, Hart of Dixie, Justified, CSI, or maybe even on
My Gimpy Life (Season 2 out now). He also recently shot on FX's new Braddock and Jackson with television comedy legends Kelsey Grammar and Martin Lawrence (coming this summer).

Or maybe you enjoy Daryl's commercials where he's being nice to the lady in the grocery store for Liberty Mutual or being chased by the contents of his house
for Smart Car.

Daryl has also recently written and produced and starred in a short film called Genre. He created a web series called Hench He's also in the process of meeting with investors for a feature film that he and his writing partner have written and will shoot later this year.

Hearts and Arrows,
Daryl Crittenden